Your ‘car’ should be driven by only one man, not mate – Agyinasare to married women


Bishop Charles Agyinasare, Founder and leader of the Perez Chapel

Presiding Bishop and Head Pastor of Perez Chapel International, Charles Agyinasare has advised married women to allow their ‘cars’ to be driven by only one man and not the conductors (mate).

At the closing section of his four-day Festival of Miracles, Bishop Agyinasare said God expects those who are not married to keep their body pure, “If you are married God expects you to keep to your partner”.

“God expects women to be faithful to their husbands. The women called their husbands ‘drivers’ and those married women who have extra people, boyfriends, they called them ‘driver’s mate’, we want your ‘car’ to be driven by only one man but not mate” he stressed.

When advising the men, on the other hand, Bishop Agyinasare reiterated “In the days we live in, there are many people who are men, they call their wives a ‘farm’ and they call their girlfriends ‘back-yard garden’. God does not want you to have a farm and keep a back-yard garden”.

The head pastor said further that God ordained sex to be in marriage but “sex outside marriage brings you sickness”.

He added that “homosexuality, a man having sex with a man is also a sin, just like adultery is a sin. Lesbianism, a woman having sex with a woman is an abomination; is a sin. Bestiality, having sex with animals is also a sin; is an abomination”.


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